Top 25 Signs Hes Cheating


Is he cheating or are you paranoid?

He keeps forgetting the important dates. He gets mad if you touch his cell phone, but wants to keep tabs on your every move. You spend less time together and there seems to be a huge divide between you. He will never admit it, but these signals speak for themselves; telling you he might be cheating. If you learn how to recognize the signs, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and pain. I’ve compiled the top 25 signs he’s cheating.


1. Ch-ch-changes

Cheating men will frequently change overnight. Some of them will suddenly adopt a different lifestyle, such as going to different cafes or listening to different genres of music. Is this a sign of cheating or just a harmless transformation? Well, many cheating men start embracing things they used to hate or ignore. In addition, some men change physically; from their hairstyles to their wardrobes; and even working out in some cases.

2. Big Little Lies

You’ve caught him telling little white lies. No big deal, right? The little things can be a sneaky introduction to a tiring cycle of big lies and unfaithfulness. Pay close attention to his words and actions. Example, if he told you he’ll stay at home tonight, but he’s on Snapchat & Instagram taking video and pics from a club or bar, then he’s cheating. If he tells you he’s going to sleep, but you see him online two hours later, then he’s cheating. Sound the alarm, you could be having problems with a big cheater!

3. Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

This is not a poor attempt to recite Rihanna’s 2016 smash single (Work), but to emphasize one of the most blatantly obvious signs. Has he developed a sudden desire to work overtime? Is he taking frequent business trips? If you get the feeling that his job now dictates everything in his life, maybe it is not his job you should be worried about. The “I’m working late” story is one of the most common signs he is cheating; convenient as not many women will suspect anything.


4. Love Me Tinder, Love Me Sweet

Some men are known for swiping more than their credit cards. A recent study conducted by students on the UNLV campus identified that 15% of guys within relationships still have dating apps installed on their phone. When asked why, most of the guys stated that they just haven’t had the time to delete the app. The presence of online romantic matching services is a definite red flag indicator that he is cheating on you.

5. Not Gonna Reach My Telephone

He protects his phone as if it possesses the code to break the Da Vinci Code. The only top secret information he is protecting is his cheating footprints. Check for all of the signs:

  1.  Leaving his phone face down all the time.
  2.  His phone is kept on silent all of the time.
  3.  Let’s not talk about the super G-14 classified password protection he had enabled on his smartphone.

Turn your phone off, and ask him if you can use his phone to call your friend/family member. If he says no, then proceed with caution; if he allows you, then place the call and wait for the receiver to pick-up. Talk to the receiver as usual, but get up and walk into the next room. Check to see if he follows, or if he becomes nervous and jittery.

6. Hello, Hello, Baby

Speaking of phones, another strong sign he is cheating on you is being unresponsive to your calls, messages or emails. Did he once use to reply in seconds, while now it takes hours for him to send you a simple text message?

7. Backward Progress Relationship

He doesn’t initiate any new steps to upgrade your relationship and he refuses the accept the upgrades you initiate. You are ages away from bringing your toothbrush to his place. Rather than progressing, you feel like the two of you are running backward. This is certainly a common sign of cheating.

8. Tell Me Where Did You Sleep Last Night

This might sound odd but jealousy can be a sign he is cheating on you as well. He protects himself by attacking you, trying to find something to compromise you. If he is checking up on you too much, it might be because he wants to avoid you checking up on him!

9. Wild Child

Unsurprisingly, some men cheat to feel young and desirable again; frequently finding much younger girls to boost their ego. If that’s the case, he might also party hard, drink like a teenager, share a spliff from time to time, smoke or do anything youngsters do to look cool. If he is cheating on you to rejuvenate, you’ll easily notice it, as he will probably seem silly in his attempts.

10. Worlds Apart

Cheating men often reveal their unfaithfulness by staying quiet… too quiet! Suddenly, he doesn’t tell you his secrets anymore. He doesn’t really listen to you. You have no idea how he spends his days, other than those few hours you spend together. He might be a part-time alien living in a parallel universe for all you know. The more likely scenario is that he is cheating on you and choosing self-isolation because he is too weak to admit it.

11. Talk Sweetly To Me

Sometimes a cheating man won’t get too distant. In fact, he’ll try maintaining the closeness by becoming overly kind and sweet. Too many compliments, crazily cute pet names, suspiciously intensive efforts to show you appreciation – it could be signs that he is apologizing for cheating on you. Of course, this is not enough to conclude he is unfaithful to you, but when it combines with other suspicious elements, it makes sense.

12. You’re Tearing Me Apart!

Expressing anger, irritation, aggression or general hostility for no particular reason or provoking the same emotions in the partner can be a sign of cheating as well. He became sensitive to everything you say, trying to make you feel guilty about the littlest things. He needs that big fight so he could say goodbye without feeling too guilty about leaving you for another woman. He might be even more irritated if you don’t respond as hostile as he.

13. Play It Again, Sam!

You listen to the same stories for two or more times, and he is telling them like you haven’t heard them before. The burning issue here is that he keeps getting confused, uncertain if he has already told this story to you or his side chick. His sub-conscience is your ally, as cheating men frequently have sub-conscience which works against them. If he keeps retelling you stories and it’s something that hasn’t been happening before, him cheating on you might be behind it!

14. It’s All About The Money

He seems to be spending more money than usual, and you don’t see where that money goes. He’s not buying anything for himself or for you. His money might be shattered all over fancy restaurants and cafes where he goes with the other girl. This is especially a strong sign of cheating if he started avoiding going out with you lately or adamantly downgrades your dates to “Netflix & chill” nights.

15. Black Is White And White Is Black

Whatever you say, he will claim the total opposite. These redundant confrontations can be frustrating, and the men who cheat usually do it to create a crisis in a relationship, so they could have an excuse to break up. These situations are also highly irrational, thousands of miles away from making any sense. These are not real arguments with a problem but a childish teasing they implement as they don’t know how to cover up the signs he is cheating.

16. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Your intimate life became boring lately. He doesn’t seem to be into sex and you are the one who always has to initiate the game. Sometimes he comes up with excuses to avoid sex, such as being too tired or that he has to get up early for work.


17. It’s Getting (Too) Hot In Here!

Cheating has different effects on men’s sexual desire. Some men tend to turn into Super-Sex Man, and wants to have more sex with you after finding another woman. Is your man introducing new moves into the bedroom? Experimenting with toys, roleplaying, or pushing your “freaky meter” to the extreme are also red-flag indicators. While you might enjoy it, be careful – if this type of sexual behavior is way off his normal radar, you should pay a close attention to other signals of infidelity.

18. Why So Imperfect?

He used to respect and love you for who you are, but now he seems to be in a constant search for your flaws. He might notice some physical flaws or focus on more abstract things, such as your habits, but in either case.. he is harsh on you. Maybe he is watching you in the light of new events in his life, that might have emerged from his cheating experiences.

19. Forget About The Facebook Tag

He doesn’t allow you to tag him on photos. Either he’s a privacy fanatic who doesn’t allow ANY photos of him to be online, or it’s is a strong sign that something is not right. Whether the new woman knows about you or not, your man will certainly want to minimize your presence around him.

20. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Pay attention when the two of you kiss in the public. If he is not one of those shy guys who had a problem with public kissing from day one, he shouldn’t have a problem today. If he is behaving strangely when he has to give you a little kiss in the street, there might be a reason to worry. Does he look around as if someone was following him? He might fear his mistress will bump into the two of you!

21. We’re Just Friends!

He has new friends and he won’t introduce you to them. He comes up with excuses, saying you don’t have anything in common with them and that you would find them boring. Even if you persistently insist to meet them, he tries his best to persuade you to give it up.

22. Mood Ring Is Changing Colors

In the morning he appears to be super happy, yet in the evening he is super cold. He becomes extremely talkative, and later turns into a complete mute. You cannot crack the code of his unusual mood swings. Cheaters are frequently tortured by the sense of guilt, confusion, and anxiety because of all the secrets they are piling up, which in turn, has strong and confusing effects on their mood.

23. Cheaters Are People, Too!

He has friends who cheat on their partners and he doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Of course, he claims he would never cheat, but is envious of his friends who live a “more dynamic” lifestyle. With men having a great impact on each other, it wouldn’t be unusual if he would start doing the same thing as his friends, despite already being in a relationship. There’s an old saying, “birds of a feather will flock together.”


24. Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater

He has done it before. Maybe he has cheated on his previous girlfriend with you. If you know about his history of being unfaithful to women, you can never be too careful. Sure, some people change but some people also repeat their mistakes. If you notice any other sign he’s cheating and you already know he is capable of doing it, put on your investigator jacket and dig deeper.

25. The Sixth Sense

You just KNOW what’s going on. You don’t have any proof, you haven’t caught him, his behavior isn’t specifically different than usual, but you just have that gut feeling that something isn’t right. Sometimes women’s intuition is the best love detective there is. Trust your instincts and if you feel there might be a new woman in his life, observe other potential cheating signals.

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